Covid-19 Testing and Treatment

We have PCR testing available at our clinic as well as antibody testing. Currently PCR is the gold standard for detecting levels of the novel Coronavirus in your body. We can provide answers to all of your inquires regarding this test and if your test does come back positive, we have evidence based treatment that has been shown to be quite successful in both inpatient as well as an outpatient setting. Please call us today to set up an appointment. 

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  • Telemedicine Services

    We understand for various reasons many of our patients are unable to get to their appointments,…

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  • Wellness Coaching

    Are you tired of going to the doctor’s office? Are you tired of coming out of…

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    Our aim is to heal our patients. Our aim is to provide them with informed understanding…

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  • Medical Marijuana

    We have been pioneering this field of medical marijuana as it became legal this year. We…

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Our Mission

Our aim is to heal our patients. Our aim is to provide them with informed understanding of any disease process they may suffer. We then attempt to heal our patients if possible using diet, lifestyle and wellness coaching and direction. We provide extensive nutritional support as it is our firm…

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We have developed an innovative method of telemedicine that will allow people to minimize their exposure to the novel Coronavirus.…

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Although CT scans are commonly being used in diagnosing Covid-19, Ultrasound is a quick, safe alternative to give us idea…

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